13 Back To School Bob Hairstyles 2018

13 Back To School Bob Hairstyles 2018

Short hairstyles   become more and more popular these days , especially bob hairstyles. There even comes out a word like “bob life”. We all know ther e are  a variation of a bob hair styles ,  from short-length to shoulder-length bob hair style. Especially when you always wear long hair, you might feel  inspired if you change to bob hair style.

1.Classic  Straight Bob Hairstyle

1.Side part bob hair

2.Middle Part Hairstyle

Just Order a straight bob wig on line ,no matter it is short length or  shoulder length hair ,they must be really nice.And you can part it any place you want.No matter it is Middle center part or left/right side part.Just do what you like.And they will all be nice.

2.Tiny Low Ponytail on Bob Hair 

Tie your bob hair into a yiny pony make you look more cute and it would not be so hot in the summer ,also.

3.Give Your bob wig a nice Bang

If you are tied of the super simple all down hair style on bob wig.it is a way for you to get a bang on your hair .That would change your feeling and make you feels different.

4.Give your bob wig some different color

Always wear a natural black hair maight be a little boring, so sometimes tat would be a nice idea to add some extra hair color to the bob or even change it into a really very different color.

1.Bob Hair With Blonde Highlight On it.

2.Red Bob hair with two little cute buns on top

3.Wine red Hair Color Bob Wig

5.Get Your Straight Bob hair some waves

Add waves or curls to your straight bob wig also could be a really awesome idea.

1. Beachy Wave on Straight Bob Wig

2.Loose  waves on Bob Human Hair Wig

6.Use Some Extra Accessories To Add your beauty

1.Use hair pins to make a center part bob hairstyle

2.Use a Hair Scarf to Show your swaggy

3.Use Hair Bands to show your love to sport

3.Apple a pair of sunglasses to show your fashion

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