4 Easy Ways To Style Your Lace Frontal

4 Easy Ways To Style Your Lace Frontal

This essay we will show you 4 Easy Ways To Style Your  Lace Frontal .  Pretty easy and simple,let’s take a look.

1.The first one that I’m gonna show you is the top knot button.

1.Make one side  a part and  be gentle with the hair if you don’t want to mess up the curls on it .

if you want you can use a hair tie ,you can use hair tie to tie the hair up (I usually don’t use a hair tie), but I also tend to like to grab some hair from the back ,so you can also grab me some hair from back here.and I’d like to go like that and basically told them right here, so without using a scrunchie you can just twist it like this kind of basically so this can be one way to where your knees from .

2.the next hairstyle is very similar to the top knot bun but I would call me like a half down half up.

Still from that same part, just spread it apart like that and that’s kind of like my like a little girl.

3. the next style will be me doing two of those at all top knot sauce

it’s gonna be kind of difficult because I really haven’t since I’ve gotten this hair I don’t think I’m like ever ever split it in half so it is gonna be.

4.the last style is going to be a simple up two kind of fun

Before I do this let me explain to you guys that this is a lace of frontal wig that I made so this hat is a frontal and the back half is just glued on to a dome cap so with that being said I am able to put it into the top nut without my tracks showing, so let’s get into this okay so I basically do now this frontal isn’t glued so my flat like my side flaps might might might might flip up.

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