4 Long Ponytail Hairstyles On Peruvian Straight Hair Weaves You Should Try

4 Long Ponytail Hairstyles On Peruvian Straight Hair Weaves You Should Try

Wearing super long atraight hair is a sweet dream for the girls I think.Supper sleek Long ponytail hairstyle is loved by a lot of beautiful girls.Here we will show you 3 Long Ponytail Hairstyles on Peruvian Straight Hair Weaves.

1.Super Sleek High Ponytail On straight Hair  Weaves

If you want your straight high ponytail to be perfect, you need to make sure that the  roots of your straight hair are sleek and smooth enough. You can choose to use hair gel  to gelp you achieve this pony. Then, just tie a straight ponytail super high, and here you finish this super dump hairstyle.There are lots of hair length of VIPbeauty Peruvian Straight Hair Weaves.10″to 30″ in stock now.

2.Classic Low Pontail Hairstyle onPeruvian straight hair

Why we love low ponytail?

1.It’s low maintenance 2.It is  fine-tuned to any face shape.3.It is never out of style.4.It is super easy to achieve.You just need a tie and make your hair root sleek and tie the hair up.

3.Straight Low pony tail with Side Banngs

Some days, if you are bored with the classic long ponytail hair style, you can just make a little change by making a bang. We know making a bang is not  too complicated, it does not take you much time to style once you get  it.But most importantly, it truly gives you a new style without looking like you are trying too hard.

4.High  Double Ponytails on Straight hair bundles

Tie your long straight hair into double ponytail is super Easy.And the double ponytail can give others a super cute feeling.How do you think about this cute ponytail hairstyle?I s it fit the summer time?If you want some cute and simple hairstyle,this hair style is definitely one of your best   choice .Why not have a try now?

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