4 Simple Ways to Wash and Matain Short Hair Cut

4 Simple Ways to Wash and Matain Short Hair Cut

There are so many tips and hair hacks s about short hairstyles.about the short hair  maintenance or the hair cut that fits your face round.Today we are going to show you 5 really simple tips to matain your short hair.

No.1:  Use moisturizing shampoo to wash your short hair.

When your short hair  starts to look oily, you problaly need  to wash your hair. Depending on your hair texture, you might do not need to condition your hair every time you wash  your short hair. Like the Fine, thin hair might look weighed if you use too much  product . Instead of using condition ever time,you can choose to use a moisturizing shampoo every time you wash your hair and condition them maybe once or twice a week

No.2:If your hair is very dry,you can try to co-wash it.

Using only conditioner to wash your hair instead of using traditional shampoo that has  any of the harsh cleansers . The conditioner can also help you remove  dirt and oil from your hair when you take a shower , but it also helps protect your hair from those harsh cleansers damage . You can choose to  use a regular conditioner,also you can use  a special conditioning  to help clean your hair.

No3.Choose a leave-in moisturizer.

Curly hair is not really easy to handle,and we can even say the the curly hair may be the driest style  among all the hair types,(straight hair ,wavy hair, loose wave hair ) so it might needs much more extra nutrition . So   a leave-in moisturizer which made from olive oil, shea butter, or like cocoa butter ,will be a good way to keep your hair naturally healthy. It would be really nice if you can  deep condition it at least once a week.

No4.Let your hair air dry instead of blowing  dry it.

Since your hair is shorter, it will get damaged faster, so you should try your best you use to style your hair with less damage. If you do need to blowdry your hair, you can stop befor the hair is completely dry,you can stop when your hair is about half way dry. Just Style your hair while it is damp, then let it  air dry.

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