7 Long Curly Weave Hair Styles For Dark Skin Girls

7 Long Curly Weave Hair Styles For Dark Skin Girls

Hair Weaves is a super easy way to help you change your hair length and hairstyle.Here we get 7 Long Curly Weave Hair Styles For Dark Skin Girls.

1.The most Simple Way to Slay Long Curly  Weave Hair

If you want to make your curly hair make a little different,make a use of Hair Accessories is a good way.Just a beautiful flower on the hair makes you look more pretty.

2.Curly Weave High Ponytail  Hair style

Ponytail seems like really very popular in these days.No matter it is high ponytail or low  ponytail,you can always slay your look.

3.Two Cute Bangs on The Top Of Curly Hair

Make two little buns on the top make you look more cute and sweet.And it is also really easy to achieve.

4.Front Little Bun Curly Hair style

Take a little piece of curly hair from the front of your curly hair and tie it using a hair band and you just get the Front Little Bun Curly Hair style.

5.Frontal Braided Double Ponytail Curly Weave Hairstyle

Make double ponytail on both side of your head makes you look more active and young.If you want to get some cute curly hair style.I think this is a nice method.Why do not have a try?

6.Low Ponytail with One Bundle Curly Hair

Open one paceage of curly hair bundles and wrap it around the low pony you made using your natural curly hair ,secure it with some pins and then you completed This curly low ponytail look.

7.Two Braids with Curly Hair Braids

This 2 feeds on long curly weave hair is a little bit comlicated comparing with the 6 curly hair styles above,But you won’t be regreat after you finish this super great curly hair style.All you need to do is make 2 braids on both side of you hair ,and wrap the cuely hair weave around and secure with some hair pins ,just like the last hair style.

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