8 Wavy Hairstyles For Body Wave Hair Weaves Sew In

8 Wavy Hairstyles For Body Wave Hair Weaves Sew In

1.Put All your body wave hair down

This hair style is the simplest hair style for wavy hair.And About the hair line,you can choose to make it a side part, a middle  part.Just any place fits you and the way you like.

2.Top Little Bun Wavy Hair style

Actually,just make a little knot on the top of your head can help you achieve cute.All you need is only a little plastic hair tie.Take a hair strach from the top of the hair ,

3.Ombre Body Wave Hair styles

If you think all natural black hair is not the way you wanna go,you can use ombre body wave hair bundles to help you change your style.

4.Use Hair Accessories to achieve different feeling

Sometimes ,only use simple Hair Accessories can help you achieve an  amazing hair style.Like this girl in th pic,add a purple fllower on the side part make she feels so lovely and beautiful.Do you also think so?

5.High Pony on Body Wave Hair Weaves

High horsetail is the hair that loves to tie up very summer, vigor is relaxed.There may be a baby who thinks he has a big face, a round face and a fleshy face, but that is because you just don’t know how to do it in a way that will show your face small.For the horse’s tail is tied up, and his face is small

6.Low Ponytail for Body Wavy Human hair

The low-hanging ponytail that ligates at will, the fleeciness that slightly disorderly feels to highlight a female unique charm, tie-in red lip makeup look makeup look brings unexpectedly enchanting feeling, suit elegant ripe female people very much.

7.Doule Knots on Head Top

8.Make the hair bundles into a Big Braid

Ponytail is a short braided hair style that focuses most of the hair back and USES a leather case or other loose decoration to tie the braid up in mid-air.Ponytail is named for its resemblance to a horse’s tail.Some people think the ponytail is cute.Women used to be the majority, but now boys can too, so ponytail can be divided between men and women.

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