Back To School Quick and  Easy Curly Hair Routine

Back To School Quick and Easy Curly Hair Routine

Things you will need:


Hair Shampoo

Hair Condition

Wide-tooth Comb


VIPbeauty Brazilian Curly Hair Weaves

How To Wash Your Curly Hair?

1.Make a use of scarf.

When you are wearing your hair to apply the hair routine,you can wear a hair band or a scarf to avoid that the water takes off the hair glue you used.

2.Wet your hair before appling something

Wet your hair When you take a show ,so that it can be a lit more tamable .

3.Apply shampoo on your curly hair

Silicon Oil shammpoo is one of my favorite shampoo,and you can take moderate shampoo and  run it to your curly hair evenly and gets the suds out  .Make sure you get all the suds out so that your haior can be the way dow when you try to dry or diffuese it.

4.Use Hair Treatment

You can use Silicon mixed  Moroccan argan oil treatment as deep conditioning conditioning treatment,it smelles pretty nice and then,use your finger to do the same thing to apply the treatment thtoughout your curly hair.

5.Detangle your curly hair

Use a wide-tooth comb or a hair brush  to detangle your curly hair .I suggest detangle the hair from the ends to the roots.Because that way you an get much less shedding.Also that way canhelp you detangle the hair much easier.

6.Wash all the hair products off

Leave the hair condition on your curly hai rfor about five minutes and then wash them off.And that way you settele all the hair settled.

7.Use a towl to dry your curly hair

After you apply and wash out the hai rcondition out,wrap your hair usig a towl to dry them.

8.Diffuser application

Put your diffuser to high setting but cool temperture ,and strat the diffuser.Also if are not hurry to make your hair dry you can also choose to make it air dry.

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