Body Wave Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Body Wave Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

What colors will make Peruvian body wave weaves look more gorgeous and beautiful?Here,we gonna show you some Body Wave Hair Color Ideas for Black Women.

1.Pink and Purple Hair Colored on Body Wave Hair

Peruvian Body Wave Weaves pink colored,you can use this hair colour to show your  sweety and lovely feeling to others .

2.Body Wave Hair Sky Blue Hair Color 

When I first saw this hair color on Peruvian body wave With Closure ,I feel in love with this hair color ideas.It just shook me.I really fall in love with this light sky blue hair color.

3.Unicorn Hair Color on Body Wave Hair

Girls always love unicorn hair color,also can be said as rainbow color or colorful hair color. I think this hair colour is for the Girls who love fairy story and imagineable story.

4.Body Wave Hair with Ombre Grey Hair Color 

Have you ever tried ombre grey hair color? This hair color on body wave bundles is a trendy hair color idea for Black women   2018.

5.Blonde Body Wave Hair 

Blonde color are for the Black women!I saw some people said that black women can not wear blonde hair .You can still say this when you saw this black beauty ?

6.Natural Black Peruvian body wave With Closure

Peruvian body wave With Closure natural black color is always in trend and never be out of fashion.But Some black girls may think it is a littele normal .That is alright,there are lots of boday wave hair color ideas for you to choose.Try a new one, find your new love!

7.Ombre Red Body Wave Hair Color

Ombre hair color full of the mysterious and romantic atmosphere of change,show your mysterious and romantic atmosphere using this hair color on your body wave hair extensions.

8.Green Body Wave Hair Color

Green is the color of the plant, it can represent the life and the state of life, dark green represents the life state of mature and vicissitudes.You can use this hair color to show your mature.

9.Purple Body Wave Hair Extension Hair Color

Purple is a combination of warm red and cool blue, which is an excellent stimulus color.Also full of romantic and addorable atmosphere .

Which Body wave hair color are you going to try?Comment Down to let me know!



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