Keep the beauty of your brazilian body wave hair
vip beauty brazilian body wave

Keep the beauty of your brazilian body wave hair

Body wave,the most popular hair texture on vipbeauty hair store.However,most brazilian body wave customer will be worried that body wave can not be recovered after washing.
Follow this simple daily maintenance,keep the beauty of your brazilian body wave hair.
1) Keep hair clean at all times. VIPbeauty hair store suggest washing your hair at least once or twice weekly with lukewarm or cold water.
2) When washing your hair, we suggest you mix shampoo with some conditioner and brush hair thoroughly, wash in one direction, squeezing the shampoo and conditioner from top to bottom, then rinse out with clean water.
3) When comb hair,with wide teeth comb or finger through,pls do not use a brush, start from the bottom and work your way up gradually to the top. ( remember to hold weft with the other hand, to avoid pulling scalp)
4) To keep hair from dyness. Dilute some conditioner, Conditioner 10 -15% with water, 85 – 90% and use it as a hair spray daily before brushing. We recommend using a leave in contioner for diluting.

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