Cute Homcoming Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair

Cute Homcoming Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair

Today we prepare some cute Cute Homcoming Hairstyles for the girls who get Short Straight Hair.You do not need to be sooo talented to make your hair styles.Following thers steps ,you can get yourself look more cute and lovely.

Things you will need:

Hair tie (for the bigger stuff we do)

Little rubber bins

Bobby pins

Hairstyle One #half up half down short hairstyle

1.Half Up half down hair style

always one of the favorate hair styles in my senior high school.

2.How to achieve it?

1st.Grab the crown section of your hair and pull it back make sure to always leave some bang pieces down .You do not need to leave too much just make sure there is no gaps around your face,make the crown ares is full nice and listed.

2nd.And then grab a little black rubber and  tie this back up.You can choose to twist it a little bit to make your crown area look much more volume,it does not really do much just lift it a  little bit is ok.

3rd.Tighten it down and then seperating the hair a little space down the middle  at the end og hair root you tied up with your fingers.

4th.flipping the ponytail around and grabbing it through the space you made.And the n just pull it down  and it will give you a nice little twisted effect.Put down some boccy pins to the sides to keep it down.

5th,And here you are.The finnal look is finished.

Hairstyle Two #Braided cute short hairstyle

1.Top braided short hair style

If you kno how to braid this will be really simple and easy for you.

2.How to achieve it?

1.Creat a little section of hair right  from the arch of your eyebrow all the way back to your head and tie off the rest of your hair to the back so that you do not get them mixed together.

2.You can French braid or Dutch braid the hair part and tie it up and tighten it so that way it won’t go anywhere wrong but the right place.

3.Just pull all therest of hair down and you can pull out a little pieces of hair to mak e the hairstyle look a little bit messy.



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