Do human hair wigs damage your hair?

Do human hair wigs damage your hair?

There are many people searching the question which is Do human hair wigs damage your hair.  Actually,  a wig is often used as a protective style because it actually helps with length retention meaning your natural hair grows longer and healthier whilst hidden away.

Wigs are very popular these days and it also does not harm your own natural hair and skin. Human hair wigs are all made with real hair. It’s of high quality. So human hair wig is no harm to your hair. Human hair wigs are different from quick weaves, weave will damage our natural hair.

First, Wearing weaves has many disadvantages. The biggest mistake that women make with extensions is wearing them too tight. This puts a lot of tension on the hair follicles, which can make your hair fall out. At worst, it can contribute to the most common type of permanent hair loss in African-American women. However, wearing human hair wigs can’t worry about that. Because you can adjust the capsize.

Second, when you are wearing quick weaves, you can’t wash your hair. because it would cause slippage. I don’t know about you but my hair has to be washed at least once a week or I would be climbing the walls with discomfort. Not only it is not great for your own hair, but also it could encourage fungal infections on your scalp which would cause stunted hair growth. On the contrary, if you want to wash human hair wigs, you can wash it at any time. It will not damage your own hair.

Third, The sealing products and glue cause your hair to deteriorate, In spite of what the manufactures of sealing products say, quick weaves can not damage your hair. Would you purposely apply glue to your hair? Most sealing products are based on glue and hardening gels, it’s how they can keep your hair together and harden it! But human hair wigs are different, you just need to wear it comfortably.

Fourth, quick weaves don’t look natural. Nobody is fooled by ‘invisible parts’ regardless of how meticulously they are applied. But by the end of the week, something will have slipped and that part will start looking off somehow. Showing your own scalp with a bit of your own hair left out gives the most natural looking weave. Wigs are used by the human real hair, it looks natural. It is hard for others to see that you have wigs.

In summary, human hair wigs can not damage your hair. Human hair wigs that you buy from VIPbeauty website store are all natural human hair weaves, We only sell really high-quality human hair weaves. If you don’t want to wig, you can also choose bundles with closure to sew in a wig for yourself.

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