Hair Dye : How to Handle dry hair ?

Hair Dye : How to Handle dry hair ?

When treating dry hair, first it depends on exactly how dry your hair is, and the porosity of your hair in order to properly fix your hair.

Type of conditioning routine
Let’s start with these questions: is your hair ‘breaking off into your hands’ type of dry? Or is it simply dull and lacking luster?
If you answered yes to the first question, I would consider a deep conditioning routine, and if you answered yes to the second question, a normal conditioning is good.
Hair Porosity
If you don’t know what hair porosity is, it’s simply how well your hair absorbs water. There are three types: Low, high, and medium porosity.
Low porosity is when hair has a tough time absorbing water. In fact, people with this hair type usually experience water beading off their hair. Moisture and vitamins have an extremely tough time getting in.
Individuals with low porosity have to use heat to raise the hair cuticle to let moisture and vitamins in. Many achieve this by using hot oil treatments, or deep conditioning their hair.
Light hair care products and oils are also a must. Low porosity hair thrives on hydrolyzed, wheat, and silk protein. One should look for shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products with these specific proteins. For example, Nexxus Promend shampoo and conditioner contain wheat protein. Oils that are good are coconut, grape seed, etc; the oils should be extra virgin for the best results.
High porosity is the exact opposite of low porosity. People with this hair type have an easy time getting moisture and vitamins in, but they have a hard time keeping them in. They usually experience dry hair. Using protein treatments, deep conditioning, and using acidic treatments such as apple cider vinegar, will flatten the hair cuticle to lock in moisture and hair vitamins.
Individuals should use thick products and oils to help seal in moisture and vitamins. One can use Nexxus Humectress products because it contains avocado (a heavy oil). Avocado and olive oil are great examples of heavy oils to use.
Medium porosity is simply in the middle. If you have this type of hair, test out what works best. Light products or heavy products, different proteins, and various oils.
Finally, once you figure out your porosity, you can also pick shampoos, conditioners, and deep conditioners that are right for you; try out natural hair remedies for healthier hair (such as banana masks for dry hair, oils, conditioning, etc.); and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. You need to remember to start from the inside out. If your hair is dry, your body may be telling you to spruce up your food intake with healthier options.

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