How do wigs get made with human hair?

How do wigs get made with human hair?

In the beauty area, human hair wigs are more and more popular and welcome,And more and more girls are looking forward to wearing a wig. Therefore,one question that how does wigs get made with hair comes out.
About the human hair wigs,there are two types, one is full lace wigs, the other one is half-machine lace wigs. And their making procedures are different.Today we are going to tell you the facts about their secrets from the following words:

Full lace wigs

Firstly, the wig cap are made with all lace material. Secondly, the hair pieces need to be hooked into the lace net cap. Which means the hairs are ventilated or tied in small groups of 1-4 hair pieces onto a net that has been designed to take the shape of the head. After all the hair are hooked onto the lace net cap,the combs and adjustable straps will be sewn in to the lace net cap. Then you will see the final look of the wigs.

Half-Machine lace wigs

For the half-machine lace wigs,it is different with full lace wigs on the construction.its wig cap is made and combined a lace frontal closure with elastic net wig cap. On the lace frontal closure part, all the hair pieces need to be hooked onto the 13×4 inches lace net,which is the same process with a full lace wig. One the rest part of the wig, there will be some hair wefts that need to be sewn into the wig cap with machine. Which means the hair is sewn into a long band with string, then these wefts are lined up and sewn in place in the form of the head. The following rest steps are the same with full lace wigs.

After knowing their making process, you will understand why the full lace wigs are much more expensive than the half lace wigs. Because, the full lace wigs need more times and efforts to be put in. Of course, it looks more real and natural.

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