How do you wash Brazilian virgin hair extensions?

How do you wash Brazilian virgin hair extensions?

More and more black women are using Brazilian virgin hair extensions. Washing Brazilian hair in a bad way can damage your hair, how to wash Brazilian virgin hair extensions clean is an important issue for them.

As for most of the people, we have a good habit of washing hair regularly. This not only keeps our hair clean but also make it silk. The same as north African celebrities who wear Brazilian virgin hair extension. Here comes the question: how to wash Brazilian virgin hair extensions.
Step 1: Before you wash you should bush the wig gently with a comb just to remove any tangles. When brushing use a soft bristle brush or Use a smooth-edged wide-toothed comb start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up, in this way it avoids tangling and pulling damage. Always brush in a downward motion and do not brush harshly.
Step 2: with your head bent forward, wet your Brazilian bundle hair down with warm water, and work your way down from the track. This can be done in a shower, bathroom, or using a container filled with water. Do not soak the fabric as this may interfere with the track underneath the fabric, especially if they are glued.
Step 3: apply some moisturizing shampoo, the same way as you did with the warm water. Shampoo can remove any dirt, dandruff and excess oils from your hair. If the hair weave does not lather, repeat this process several times until it lathers. Hydration Shampoo is an ideal choice for this process because it prevents the hair weave from feeling dry and brittle. Wash your hair several times until all the shampoo has been fallen off your hair.
Step 4: apply a good conditioner to your hair and then downward. I recommend using a herbal essence conditioner alongside a hydrating shampoo. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse. Alternatively, you can use this shampoo instead of the previously mentioned shampoo. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly to prevent product buildup.


Step 5: Dry your hair. There are many options for drying your hair. The most common way is to use a hair dryer, which is usually the fastest. Others may choose to simply blow dry their hair, even if it takes longer. In fact, many people believe that air drying is the safest method and should be encouraged. Before you leave home or go to bed, your footprints must be dry, or they will rot and you will smell that strange smell!

Following the five steps above and extend the lifespan of your Brazilian virgin hair extensions.

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