How long can a human hair wig last?

How long can a human hair wig last?

The life of a human hair wig is basically dependent on two essential factors, the quality of the original wig and how carefully the wig is looked after.

The better quality human hair will be remy or virgin hair and unprocessed, which means that the hairs will have been kept aligned in the same direction to minimize tangling and that no additional treatments such as coloring or silicone additives (to make the hair feel smooth) have been used.

The hair are knotted carefully into a lace cap a few strands at a time and then sealed with a light adhesive to prevent shedding. The more coarse lace wigs will last longer than those made with a more delicate fine lace.

About the care ways, If you wear human hair wigs everyday you can wash it 1-3 times in one week. Use the wide-tooth comb to comb hair from end to root when you wash it so that it can be easily gone through smoothly without any tangle. Don’t use hot water and cool water to wash the wig. Because the hot water will lost the wig construction .Cool water is not good to remove the dirty. When washing the wig please flowing in the same direction of the hair so that you can avoid hair tangle . After washing it, you can put it in a naturally ventilated place to let the wig dry . Don’t put the wigs in sunlight and high temperature directly and far away dust place .You’d better put it far away from Children and pets.

If all these things are minded, you could expect a lifetime of over 2 years and possibly more longer. However it is possible to destroy a human hair wig in less than one week by using unsuitable
products and washing or straightening at extreme temperatures. So the using method is also very important to the life time of the wig.

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