How much hair do we need for a head?

How much hair do we need for a head?

Due to the human hair extensions are more and more popular in the young ladies,and one question that how many bundles do we need to buy for a full head comes out regularly.Obviously the answer to this question depends on a few factors – including hair length, desired fullness, head shape/size and hair texture. We’ve put together a guide to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

Hair Length

The longer the hair, the more hair you’ll need. Since Each hair bundle is 100g,and each bundle is combined with short hair pieces and long hair pieces, so the longer the length of the hair bundles, the thinner the hair,especially the hair end.So the longer the hair bundles, the more hair you will need. Generally speaking. if you select the hair length from 10 inch to 16 inch, then 3 bundles are enough for a head, if you select the hair length from 18 inch to 28 inch, then you need to choose 4 bundles hair. If you like fuller hair,then you can choose 5 bundles or more. But usually 3 bundles with a frontal or 4 bundles with one lace closure are full enough for a normal head hair.
Always remember that a wavy/curly bundle will seem a bit shorter in its natural state. However, when pulled from top to end, it will measure the full length purchased.

Hair Texture

Different texture hair will give you a different hair looking. With curly hair, the density of the curl pattern will make your head look fuller, so you can get away with less bundles. With straight hair or body wave hair, you will need more bundles to create a super full look.

Hair Thickness

Next, women need to consider their own hair’s natural thickness before buying extensions. If the buyer’s hair is thin, she needs to purchase more strands or thicker wefts in order to get their desired look.

Strand or Weft

Lastly, women need to decide whether they want single strand or hair weft before deciding how much hair to buy. Wefts are a great way to blend in layers, especially when the user’s natural hair is on the shorter side. For those who wish to purchase hair weft, they need to assess its weight, which should average anywhere between 75 to 250 grams, based on hair length. If they wish to purchase single strands, the average is about 100 to 120 strands per head.

So how much hair do we need to buy for a head,it totally depends on our needs and our own condition. Hope this article can help all the buyers.

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