How to Achieve Perfect Straight Sleek High Ponytails for BLack Women?

How to Achieve Perfect Straight Sleek High Ponytails for BLack Women?

Sleek High Ponytail Hairstyle is popular because it’s very simple and easy to make. Worn sleek and straight, it’s a perfect achievement for a formal event, and  you can also make it  messy wavy , that isalso a good idea for a  casual preference. No matter what your look or personal style is, this sleek high ponytail is always a quick hairdo ,and is always a nice option for you. Keep reading to see the 8 Perfect Straight Sleek High Ponytails below!


Tight and Sleek Straight High Ponytail

If you want to achieve perfect high ponytail, you need to make sure that the hair roots are sleek and very smooth. Use gel , Then, tie a ponytail super high.

Things  You’ll Need:

No.1: Start with   your hair which is  freshly washed  , add some hair spray or dry shampoo to your hair for some texture. This will help keep your high ponytail to stay in place .

No. 2: pull your natural hair up and Ensure you are pulling your hair up,  do not be afraid to go higher than the normal place you do.

No. 3: Hold straight hair weaves  in place with one hand, qrap arod the little bun you made with your natural hair.

No. 4: The time  you  found the perfect ponytail plac , use bobby pins to secure your ponytail.

No.5: For some added volume and texture, arrange the ponytail with a fine-tooth comb,combing straight  hair wefts  gently .

No. 6: Use hair spray to Spray a toothbrush and brush down  the flyaways. This way, you can make your hair super flat.

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