How to Add Beachy Waves to a Bob Wig?

How to Add Beachy Waves to a Bob Wig?

When you get straight bob wig,you maight be really like it.After some time,what if you want to change a new hairstyle?Here,we will show you how to How to Add Beachy Waves to a Bob Wig.Change the hairstyle you want and enjoy it.

Things you will need:

hair styling product

Straight Bob wig Human Hair

curling iron/wand

How to Add Beachy Waves to a Bob Wig?

1.Get a  hair styling product.

There are many products that are specially created to achieve beach wavy bob look. Sea salt sprays are popular, and there   are some  other similar hair products.

2.Start Work with air-dryed human hair or the one slightly damp.

You can choose to Add  beachy waves to completely dry bob wig human hair or to bob hair that is still a bit damp. You need to determine which works best for your bob human hair.

3.Spritz your hair with the hair style spray.

Be sure to spray all over the bob wig human hair . You can flip the human wig  upside-down,that way you can make sure the spay can  reach the hair at the back.

4.Add beachy waves to your bob hair with a curling wand.

You can consider using  a curling wand  to add  slight waves to your hair   after spritzing the hair style  product.

5.Finish with more hair style spray.

After you curl your bob wig , you can use your fingers to run through the bob wig hair to loosen the waves gently. After that,you can dd more hair style  spray to finish and help you to hold the beachy waves longer.


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