How To Ash Blonde Blunt Bob Wig?

How To Ash Blonde Blunt Bob Wig?

You Ordered long black straight hair bundles with lace frontal,but wanna change the black hair  to ash blonde hair? How To  Ash Blonde Blunt Bob Wig?We will show you how we done with VIPbeauty Peruvian Straight hair.

(Products you will need in the hair tutorial)
Revlon ColorSlik – Dark Ash Blonde (60)
Wells Charm- T18 ( 4 boxes)
L’Oréal Bleach Powder
50 volume developer
40 volume developer
30 volume developer
Silicone mix
Shimmer lights shampoo ( purple)

VIPbeauty Peruvian straight hair bundles with lace frontal

How to Black hair to ashy blonde hair?

1.Put the Peruvian lace frontal you order on the wig head and use pins to secure it.

2.Put on gloves to protect your hands.

3.Mix 30 volume developer & Bleach Powder together and use applicated brush to apply them to the lace frontal evenly .

4.After you finished bleaching the lacefrontal ,seperate hair in to several small pieces and put the  aluminum foil or foil paper  all over the hair.After you roll over all the hair ,just let them stay at least 30 minutes.

5.To get a  blonde hair color,you can get your hair bundless 2 times bleached.Use the applicated brush to apply 50 volume developer bleach to the Peruivian straight hair bundles .After finished it,just roll the hair bundles with the foil paper,and keep on doing the same thing to the other straight hair weaves.

6.After you finished it,let them stay at least 20 minutes.

7.After doing all the things,you will get the blonde hair color on the black hair.

8.Apply T18 ( 4 boxes) and the 50 volume developer  to the measure box and mix them,apply them to the hair budnles and lace frontal and let them stay for 30 minutes.

9.Add Revlon ColorSlik – Dark Ash Blonde (60) to the cream delevolper and shake it  and then apply to the lace frontal evenly.After finish it,roll it in the foil paper and let it stay for an hour.

10.Move to the next hair bundles and you can leave one hair bundlesfor the natural state to keep the hair bundles in different color.

11.And now just made the hair budnles and lace front into a wig ,And you finish it.

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