How to avoid the custom duty when buying from oversea online store ?

How to avoid the custom duty when buying from oversea online store ?

With the rapid development of economy,there are more and more sellers are selling commodities online, and even sell goods to those customers from all over the world. Based on good economic and trade relations between countries,more and more businessmen start to join in this team. Such as vendors, sellers, factories,shipping companies,shipping agents, re-sellers, and so on… Though it is much more convenient for us to get what we want from all over the world,there still have a lot of problems during the trading business.

We are a big hair company, and we have our own factory, and we have our own sales team and shipping team. During our trading business,we do also have a lot of problems, such as the shipping methods, the custom duty and tax,the shipping cost, and the shipping package or box, and so on…

Here we are going to talk about the custom duty and tax. When ordering from online and from oversea vendor, Many customers will have a big concern on if they will be charged for a custom duty, and then how much will they be charged,which is in fact a big question.

Generally speaking, there are many factors affect the result of the custom duty. For example, the shipping method that you choose, the goods that you buy, the value of the goods,and
the custom policy of your country. So how do we avoid the custom duty when buying goods from oversea?

As a experienced hair business vendor, we have few tips for you to attention:

1. For those customers from different countries,we will select the best shipping method to ship package.For example,if we ship to USA or Canada,we usually will choose DHL, Fedex or UPS. If we ship to UK or other western countries, we will select the TNT and DPEX,because these shipping methods are seldom to have custom issues.

2. About the value of the products. According to most of the countries’ custom policy, if one goods’ value are over one certain numerical value,they will have to be charged for custom duty. So in order to avoid this trouble, we usually will put a lower value on the invoice for a package.

3. About the products’ name. As a big hair company, due to we only offer 100 percent real human hair products,so if we write real human hair products on the invoice,the price and the value will be very high,thus we can’t be able to avoid the customer duty.Therefore,we usually will put synthetic hair instead of human hair on the invoice, thus we can put a lower value on the invoice to avoid the unnecessary custom duty.

If you buy any real hair products from online and from oversea, and when you see it ways synthetic hair on the invoice, please do not feel strange. That is one of the method to avoid the custom duty for you.

After reading this post, you may know more about the trading business and custom. Hope this post can help you a lot, and wish you all can enjoy your shopping from oversee and
online store.

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