How to Curl Straight Bob Wig Human Hair?

How to Curl Straight Bob Wig Human Hair?

How to Curl Straight Bob Wig Human Hair??

Things you will need:

Curling Iron

Wig Head

Straight Bob Wig Lace Front Human Hair

How to:

1.Preheat your curling iron .

Set the temperature to your preference, Make sure you won’t  set it too hot to avoid burning the bob wig huaman hair or your skin.

2.Being sure that human hair wig is dry.

If the bob wig hair is not already dry, use your blow dryer or towel to  dry it. Your hair will not curl if it is still wet.

3.Apply a mousse or gel to your hair.

Choose a style agent that is safe to use on dry human hair and that will also  help to hold  the  curls you made.

4.Clip the top two-thirds of the bob hair up.

5.Use your fingers to Part a  little hair  section of the bob hair .

Clear away any hair tangles so that the bob  hair can get curls properly.

6.Wrap the hair section around the barrel of the curling iron and Repeat curling small sections .

Take care not to touch the tool with your fingers as you wrap your hair around the curl iron,  that way you won’t   not burn yourself.

7.Use Clip to Secure the top third of your hair .

The top third of your hair needs to be out of the way ,that way you can curl the middle layer of the bob wig human hair.

8.Curl  one inch hair section  of your hair  around the middle layer.

Moving just as you did before, separate small sections of hair to curl with your curling iron or wand.

9.Release the top third of the bob wig human hair .

Use Comb to Part the bob hair where you  like, it could be the  center or one side part .

10.Separate small hair sections of hair in the top,then curl each piece.

Continuing  using the same method to curl the small hair sections of the bob wig hair .

12.Apply  hairspray to finish .

Hairspray can provide Extra holding power  to help your curls last longer.

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