How To Detangle And Style Natural African Hair?

How To Detangle And Style Natural African Hair?

African hair varies from slightly wavy to very curly, however in general its texture really does tend to be more dry as well as curlier compared to Caucasian or perhaps Asian hair. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to take proper care of it to hold it looking its best.

1.Untangle knot utilizing item along with a detangling comb.

It is crucial to untangle knot the moment they form and also before you decide to wash your hair. Start by spraying the actual knot using a mixture which is three parts water to just one part olive or perhaps coconut oil. Use your normal conditioner straight to the knot and from the roots of your hair towards the tips about the knotted section. After that use your fingertips to gently remove hair from the knot

2.Make use of a blow dryer with a hair comb attachment to straighten.

If you would like to straighten your natural hair, allow the hair air dry partly, spray your hair using a temperature protectant, and then utilize a hair comb attachment on the blow dryer to gently comb your hair along with heat to straighten it.

3.Design and style your hair in protective along with low adjustment styles.

If you want to style your hair instead of wearing it straight down, try styling it in protective and low-maintenance types which maintain your hair in place and also need no daily manipulation or maybe styling of the hair.

4.Pick a sewn-in human hair weave.

Using a human hair weave can certainly protect your hair if you select a sewn-in weave instead of one glued to your hair, if you decide to wear a weave, get it professionally sewn-in to your hair unless you are extremely experienced. Go to your hair stylist every 2 or 3 weeks right after getting the weave to ensure it remains restricted to your hair and also does not pull on your all-natural hair.

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