How To Easily Comb Curly Hair?

How To Easily Comb Curly Hair?

Sometimes we will find the curly hair is quite fifficult to handle.Even the same curly hair,there  still  has different hair texture. Different curly hair textures requires a different way.Here we will show you some

Things you will need:

a wide-toothed comb

detangling spray

coconut oil

olive oil

How To Easily Comb Curly Hair?

1.Use Wide tooth hair comb

The larger the gap is, the greater it teases out your curls. Select a hair comb along with durable teeth, that will not crack towards your hair.

2.Deal along with hair items.

In case you fight to obtain a comb through, utilize one of these simple remedies before you start combing:
When your hair seems extra greasy, use dry shampoo, accompanied by dry conditioner.
When your hair isn’t very greasy, but still difficult to comb, utilize detangling spray, coconut essential oil, or perhaps extra virgin olive oil.

3.Separate your hair in to a minimum of 4 areas.

Separate hair into top right, back right, top left, and back left areas, and also clip all of them apart. Break down each one of these areas in two once again in case your hair is actually extra thicker.

4.Comb out the hair.

Hair comb each area with downwards movements. Begin close to the end of the hair, teasing away knot prior to relocating to a somewhat higher place.
Take care not to tug at knot too hard or maybe you will tear your hair from the root. If the comb becomes trapped, work the hair off it together with your fingertips and attempt once again.

5.Wet hair when combing leads to pain.

Wet hair might be simpler and less painful for you to comb, however can also be more prone to crack or even split. If your scalp is really sensitive, you can try to wet your hair and try once again.

6.Remove hair products.

When you treated your hair using oil, eliminate it by having an applying of dry shampoo.

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