How to easy Messy Bun Hair style ?

How to easy Messy Bun Hair style ?

Messy bun is a super easy  hair style that you could  do by  yourself just  at home, Here we will show  you how to easy Messy Bun Hair style ! Let’s start!

The Materials you need:

Soft Hair Brush

Hair  Band




Natural Hair or Human Hair wig

This is simple enough to find all  thethings you need .Even if you don’t have these things, you don’t  need to worry, you can make a  messy bun just using   your fingers and a  hair band. If you want to make a messy bun for some special occassions or important events,  you could  also find a store that providing hair care products and hair accessories.

How to messy bun?

1:Brush through your hair

2.Tie your hair up using hair band

Comb through your hair using your fngeres and Tie your hair up using hair band to  a ponytail. Just bring  all your hair together, wrap the  hair band your prepared all over all  the hair ,make sure it feels not too tight,secure is ok .

3.Bring  up the bun.

now you could spin your ponytail into a single strip and  wrap it around the hair band and stick the end back under the hair band;if you find yourself creating the initial ponytail, using the final cover of the rubber-band, deliberately avoid pull your hair throughout – leaving behind a big bouncy hook of hair.

4.Place the bun in different levels.

To get a higher bun, switch your hair upside-down and also collect this inside your hands. This can improve your hair’s volume level that help get rid of lumps. For any lower bun, gather hair in the center of your head or perhaps nearer to the nape of the neck. The ponytail could be as higher or even lower as you want it to become. Remember that your own bun will certainly sit to secure your ponytail (such as : higher ponytail indicates a higher bun).

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