How To Easy Pineapple Hairstyle Using Curly Hair Weave?

How To Easy Pineapple Hairstyle Using Curly Hair Weave?

Things you will need:

Bobby Pins

Hair Spray /Hair Gel

Short Curly Hair Weave (Curly Track)

How To Easy Pineapple Hairstyle in 5 minutes?

1.Take all your natural hair up and use a hair tie to make a high bun on the top of your head.

You do not need to make it perfect but just sleek.You can use aome hair pray or hair gel to help you achieve this.

2.Open the hair weaves and wrap the hair track to your high bun .

Start from the back ,and wrap it around.While you wraping the hair track make sure all the hair fall to the front.Just make it around loosely isall fine.

3.Once you finish the wraping,use a bobby pin to secure.

After you finish wraping all the hair  tracks over,you can secure the sides using a bobby pin .So the other side of the hair track.

4.After finishing the first short curly hair weave,start the second one.

After you finished wraping and securing the first curly hair  weave,do the same thing to the second short curly track.Strat wraping from the back and go undeneath the track and then secure the ends with pins.And that is that.

5.Use pins to get the real pineapple look.

Pull all the curly hair track to the front ,and to pull the side bobby pins and do the other side as well.

6.Use bobby pins to secure any where loose tracks or anyting.

We sure do not want to  walk  around with a loose shell.

7.Tease the hair tracks.

After finishing secure all the loose thing,you can just tease the 2 curly hair weaves and blend them together to get a natural look.Just style it to the way you like it.

8.Hair Water Apply

The last step is that leave your natural hair as a side out,that will make it more realistic,use water bottle to wet the leave out and use your finger to curl it.Also apply water to the back lbaby hair leave out.

9.Hair Gel apply to get a sleek slay.

Put A little amount of hair gel to the ear side leave out as well as the back leave out you just wet .

10.And  here you are.

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