How to: Finger Waves for Black Women with Short Hair?

How to: Finger Waves for Black Women with Short Hair?

Today we are going to learn How to: Finger Waves for Black Women with Short Hair?Let’s go.

1.Wash and blow dry your hair.

For this style,First you need  to start with wet hair ,  just wash your hair using the usual shampoo and conditioner you used. You need to dry you r hair but you Do not need to dry your hair entirely justdry your hair gently with a soft brush towel, till make sure that  the hair is no longer dripping wet and that is OK.

2.Apply gel to hair and Part your hair.

Apply Any type of strong-hold hair gel to the top and front of your hair where you need to make finger waves,  and also you need to spread a smaller amount of gel to the rest part of your hair.And use a fine-toothed comb to create a deep part on one side.

3.Comb your hair straight forward on the larger side.

Do not touch the smaller side you made for now.

4.Get Finger Wave s Step by Step.

For the first part of the hair part,just follow the forward then backward motion,And for the second part ,do backward then  forward motion,till you finish all the hair part,make your edeges at last.

5.Wave the hair on the other side of the part. Just Do the same thing to the other side of the hair, using your fingers  to create waves all the way to the top of your ear.

6.Then Let your hair dry. Your hair should completely dry in the clamps. Do not touch the hair while it is still wet, otherwise  the finger waves will fall out.

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