How to Get 80s Hairstyle with Long Straight Hair ?

How to Get 80s Hairstyle with Long Straight Hair ?

Do you like the fancy, punky appearance which completely outclassed the 1980s? Would you like to try a great 1980s styled party and want to look the part? Obtaining a lista 80s style is a lot easier than you may think; a couple of hair accessories could possibly be almost all it requires!Here we will show you How to Get 80s Hairstyle with Long Straight Hair

1.Begin with moist hair, yet skip the conditioner and also any smoothing, silicone-containing goods.

These types of hair products will certainly weigh hair down, and make your human hair wig too smooth .You know the hair which was very popular in 80s is Big, wild hair.

2.Place your hair in to plenty of small braids the day before if you prefer a crimped appear.

You need to try this in the day ahead of your party or occasion so you can provide some time for the hair to dry. As soon as your hair is totally dry, take braids out there, and also cozy them upward.

3.Backcomb hair when blow drying out it to increase volume.

Brush your hair backwards at the overhead as you blow dried out it. Also you can flex forward, that way your hair weighs in front of your face, and also aim the hairdryer nozzle up-wards.

4.Tease your hair right after it truly is dry to add much more volume.

Take a small part of hair from the front of the unit you made with Peruvian straight hair bundles  or the straight human hair wig . Pull it upright and keep it tight. Make use of a hair comb or even boar bristle brush to help comb your hair swiftly downwards towards your head. Do that about 3 times before combing it back, then moving to the next hair section.

5.You can also Try to make a high ponytail if you do not want to do anything to your straight hair.

This works great on straight hair. You can put The ponytail off to one side that just above your ear. You can cosider using a scrarf around the base of your high ponytail to hide the hair tie.

6.Get Big bangs if you want a bang hairtyle.

7.Use hair accessories to get the finish look.

Items such as scrunchies, plastic barrettes, or the big bows ,they were all popular in the 80s. Choose hair items like these to finish your 80s hairstyle.

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