How to Get A Red Bob Wig ?

How to Get A Red Bob Wig ?

Want to a super red bob wig or grey bob wig that attracks? Here we are going to tell you how to Get A Red Bob Wig.If you want to get a Red Bob Wig or a grey bob wig, You can use the  hair color that you got from the drug store. However, please keep in mind that you should  not try to lighten the hair, as we all know  the bleach used in lighter hair color  will weaken the human hair wig.

How to:

1.Choose a normal red hair dye and find a 20 volume hair developer.

2.Remember Put on a pair of rubber gloves  to protect your hands.

3. Use a plastic bowl to Mix the hair dye you chose and the developer .

4.Test the hair dye on a few strands of hair.

5.Soak the bob wig in the dye.

6.Set the straight bob wig onto a wig stand.

7.Brush through the hair.

8.And now Leave the wig to let the color set.

9.Shampoo and conditionthe bob wig. Use a color-safe shampoo or a special wig shampoo,Rinse out the shampoo when you are done.Apply conditiontheer to the tips of the wig.

10.Make the hair dry with a towel. Gently squeeze the bob wig with atowel to remove eextra water. Then Place it back to the wig stand to dry.

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