How to get curly hair straightened?

How to get curly hair straightened?

About how to straighten the curly hair, I’m sure that different people has different method,and so do I. Today I’m going to tell how to use a hair straightening iron to straighten the curly hair, you can also use flat iron machine instead.

Before you straighten the curly hair, choosing a good proper flat iron is very important and necessary. If you are using a high-quality straightening iron to straighten your curly hair, then you can get your curly hair straightened without damage. If you use a low quality flat iron, it will make your hair ruined, because the heat may be out of control,then burn your hair.

One important point that you need to remember is to use a straightening iron at an appropriate temperature. If you possess with a good-quality straightener, then you will always have the option to adjust it to appropriate temperature.

You can adjust the temperature based on your hair type. For slightly or fine damaged hair, the temperature of 250 – 800 degrees F is appropriate. For thick or hard hair you may select a
temperature of 300 – 350 F, while frizzy or coarse hair can be straightened to 350 – 400 Degree F.

Steps are as following tips:

1. Wash your hair well and let them air dry well.
2. Apply some heat protestant on your hair.
3. Equally, divide your hair into small layers and sections.
4. Take a straightening iron and set them into the lowest layer.

If you see any sizzling hair then you must stop immediately. Once you are done with straightening of your entire hair, you need to apply a good-quality hairspray as a last finishing product like hair fixer or hairspray. Then the hair will looks more soft,natural and real.

If you want your curly hair to get its original curl pattern, then just wash it as usual, its original pattern will be easily back.

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