How to get curly hair without using any heat?

How to get curly hair without using any heat?

About how to get curly hair, there are many different way to get curl pattern with hair. If you want to get curly hair with no heat ,we can share several good ways to you to take.

1. use the flexi rods. No matter what you are doing,you can use the flexi rods to make the curl just need to roll your hair around the flexi rods,then use a rubber band to fix it well. After few hours later, when you open it, the curly hair will come out in a pretty look.

2. At night you could unopen your hair, then braid into as many braids as you can please. You can go to sleep with these braids, when you get up in the morning and open these braids, the curl pattern will come out. Please remember that the more braids you do, the more curly it’ll be.

3. You could wash your hair, then after you do so, have rolled up paper towels, or some form of cloth, and roll your hair up in the cloth over night.

4. Braid the hair. After you wash and deep condition the hair, you can braid your hair into braids in a wet condition. If you want a big curl pattern, you can just braid the hair into one big braid. If you want a small tight curly hair, you can braid all your hair to several small braids. After the hair get dry, and you open the braids, then you will see the the pretty curl pattern on your hair. It is just look like the curly hair that you buy from salons.

If you think these methods are working, if you are interested in making your hair curl, then you can have a try,I’m sure you will get the beautiful and pretty curly hair.

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