How To Get Wet Look Brazilian Curly Hair style?

How To Get Wet Look Brazilian Curly Hair style?

Wet Curly Hair  look is one of my favoratie hairstyle,it just look gorgeous no matter it is short curly hair or shoulder length curly hair or long curly hair.Get the curly hair wet can be always great,Here we will show you one easy way on How To Get Wet Look Brazilian Curly Hair style.

The things you will need:

Hair Spray Bottle

How To:

1.Get your hand on a hair warer spray ,do not spray too much water on the hair,just get the hair damp fron the top down,you do not need to wet the hair untill it dropping water.That is not necessary.

2.Use Hair Brush to detangle the whole long curly hair,it can help make the moisture all the away down to the ends of hair and help evenly spread out the water you apraied .

3.Apple hair oil (just the one you always use is ok.) to the hair to help coat the hair before we apply the next item.Even the hair  looks dry,  it can also  help  the hair keeps a nice wet look.

4.Get out Eco styler gel,and put the gel on the top of the hair oil.Make sure that the eco styler gel is not going flake .This way you can get a lovely delicious wet look .Go and crunch  the curly hair with your hand .You can also use diffuser to dry it if you would like .

5.You can even go in and twirl some of the individual strands around your fingers to get a little more defination and kind of molded and shape it how  you like.

6.And here you are,this is the finished look,and every women would think you are fresh and just get  out of a pool.Enjoy the supoer beautiful wet look on long curly hair .Girls.Comment down if you like this wet look.


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