How to improve my dry hair bundles?

How to improve my dry hair bundles?

As a professional hair vendor,the best thing that I am good at doing is to improve the dryness of hair. I know most of girls have a trouble with hair dryness,and As we all know,dry hair has many starting points. For one, many people are born with a dry hair type which is also known as frizzy or wiry hair. Control this type of hair with soften agents (products that coat as a conditioning agent) or natural ingredients which add luster. Another type of dryness comes from overuse of chemicals. Hair will be dry and brittle where the chemicals have over-performed. For example if your hair has been burned from highlights you will see and feel dryness.

Trimming abused hair will remove dryness. But trimming hair will not change texture if you are born with dry textured hair.

Today we would like to tell you some reasons and methods to the dry hair from the following tips:

* Main Reasons to Dry on Hair Tails

1.Because lack of moisture, our hair extension becomes dry.

2. Wrong comb and brush hair incorrectly.

3. Improper shampoo and conditioner.

4. no deep condition or oil to hair daily.

* How to Deal with the Problems

1.Wash hair extension with No poo or lather-Pure Natural shampoo and conditioner,especially to the hair tails.

2. Choose the right comb: loop brush,wide tooth comb and soft bristle brush.

3. choose the right shampoo and conditioner:Pure natural products.

4. Once a week deep condition to hair extension and dab olive oil to the tails to make it soft .

5. Tie hair up and cover them with silk scarf when You sleep at night.

These are what I usually do every time when my hair gets dry, so my hair can always keep soft and shine. If you are also facing with such a trouble of dry hair,You can do like the tips above, and hope it can help you improve your hair texture.

If you have any question about any other hair issue, please freely leave me your comments down bellow, and once I see it, I will give you a reply.

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