How to improve our hair loss ?

How to improve our hair loss ?

In the fast developing society,people’s pressure are bigger and bigger. Therefore,there are many bad physical conditions of our bodies came out. For example,more and more people are facing with hair loss, and this is the most concerning thing among all girls. Few measures can help make us feel that our hair growth has been accelerated but actually it grows by its pace. So how to improve our hair loss is one important problem.Here We’d like to analyze the direct cause of this result.

1. Hair-Style: Don’t use rubber bands to pull back or otherwise style hair. Rubber bands will encourage your hair to get snagged, ripping it out of the follicle.Try not to use hairstyles that tightly pin or pull the hair back. Styles such as cornrows or tight ponytails can make damage at the roots, or put stress on the follicles. Instead, experiment with up-dos: a simple ponytail or chignon looks clean and requires very few hair products. You could also just keep your hair down and wear a headband.

2. Stress: Severe physical or emotional stress can cause hair loss regardless of whether a person is predestined to lose hair or not. This type of hair loss in women is usually not permanent; however, in the case of a woman who has hereditary hair loss, the process may be accelerated by stress. During healing periods following surgery or illness, the body devotes its energies to repairing the body. It shuts down the production of hair during periods of stress because hair is not necessary for survival. This period may last 4 weeks to 3 months after surgery or an illness; however, once the body is healed, normal hair growth usually resumes. The total cycle could take up to six months. Undetected health issues, such as anemia or low blood count, and thyroid abnormalities can also contribute to hair loss. Simple blood tests can detect these diseases.

3. Monsoon Care: This is the most common problem of hair in monsoons. One way to control it is to keep the hair and scalp always clean as mentioned above and to keep the hair always dry as even a little wet hair is also prone to a lot breakage. Do not comb your hair immediately on returning home after a long day. Leave your hair untied for a good half hour to an hour and let it dry thoroughly before running a comb.

If you pay more attention to these tips in your daily life,you can greatly avoid the hair loss.And if you insist on doing well like that for few months, you will find your hair has been greatly improved, and your hair is more and more full and thick. Hope our advise can help you.

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