How to Make A Lace Frontal Wig for Beginners

How to Make A Lace Frontal Wig for Beginners

Things  You will Need:

1.An Adjustable Wig Cap


3.Needles and pins

4.mannequin Head

5.Human Hair Weaves with Lace Frontal .

Here, we use Brazilian  Water Wave  hair with Lace Frontal

you can also use  Body Wave Weavs,straight hair bundles  or other hair texture you want.)

How to :

1.Tweaking the lace frontal and tweeing and pulling the hair  out to make the hair look natural

2.Adjust the lace frontal on the mannequin Head   and  use pins to stay.

3.Sew the lace frontal into the wig cap from Right Side.

4.Double Loop when you get to the  other side to amke it stay nice.

5.Sew Weaves  Just  like the Lace frontal

6.Cutting the actress lace (BE CAREFUL)

PS: Pay attention to the  neck area as much as the top area.



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