How to Make U‐Part Wig For Black Women?

How to Make U‐Part Wig For Black Women?

Today ,we are going to show you How to Make U‐Part Wig .What is a U-part wig?   There is  a U-shaped hole in the middle of the human wig,so it is called U-part wig. With This hole ,you could  blend your own natural hair into the human wig to create a  looking which is more natural. It is easy to buy some U-part Human wigs, but if you can make your own wig,that would be much  better .Cause you can   decide where this U part will exactly be and how the wig will be look like. The making process may cost you some time , but you will love it!

How to Make U‐Part Wig:

1.Comb out your hair, decide where you want your part to be,then part off your hair.

2.Braid this section,Create two more leave-out braids at each temple. And cornrow the rest of your hair.

3.Take a Measure on the length and the width of the leave-out.

4.From ear-to-ear,Measure along the back of your head.

5.Pin a wig-making wig cap to a wig head, then draw your part.

6.Turn the cap inside out, pin it back to the wig head, and sew your first weft.

7.Flip the cap over and continue sewing the weft.

8.Cut the weft, and start your next row And continue sewing row upon row of wefts.

9.Pull the human wig off of the wig head and cut away the part.

10.Sew the final weft right to the cut edge and Sew combs to the inside of the human wig.

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