How to Make Your Extensions More Manageable?

How to Make Your Extensions More Manageable?

Human Hair extensions are an effortless way to provide additional length or volume level to your natural hair. However whether you have clip-in extensions only for special events or wear sewin- or even glued-in hair extensions daily, it is actually normal to find them get tangled at times. Just like your own natural hair, detangling human hair extensions needs a little preparing as well as patience. The usage of the proper products and resources can help you get the tangles away from your human hair extensions ,and also in taht way they can be back to smooth and shiny .

How to Make Your Extensions More Manageable?

1.Wet the human hair extensions you bought.

Do not try to detangle your human hair extensions when they are dry, this  might cause hair breakage and shedding. Before you style the hair extensions,do remember Wash the human hair  extensions with water ,and you could just use  the usual shampoo you always use, and do not forget to rinse the hair weaves  well to make sure that there are no more suds left on the hair extension.For human hair extensions ,you need to  use  shampoo without an alcohol and sulfate-free .

2.Apply  detangling conditioner.

The human extensions will be much more  easier to detangle if you apply  usual  conditioner to them .Apply  a detangling conditioner  to the human hair  extensions and rinse the extension  clean with lukewarm  water.If you have straight hair extensions or human hair extensions that are not too easy to get tangle, you can choose to use a regular conditioner.

3.Clip your natural hair out from hair extensions.

Separate your natural hair out ,that way   you can concentrate  on detangling the human hair extensions without   causing any hair breakage.Once your natural hair is out of the way, it would be  a good idea to divide the human hair extensions into some  smaller sections before they become detangling.

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