How to make your Peruvian Body Wave weaves more Wavy?

How to make your Peruvian Body Wave weaves more Wavy?

Today we are going to show a very simple way on How to make your Peruvian Body Wave weaves more Wavy.Here we go.

1.Braid the hair weaves into braids based on the size you would like.

If you would like large curls, create big braids. If you would like tiny curls, create small braids. You can examine on How to Braid varied kinds of braiding so that you can make various kinds of curls.

2.Find two thoroughly clean and also fresh bath towels to get hot, clean water.

You can get the hot water through the tap or even kettle, just make sure it’s clean. Place one of your bath towels into it and enable it soak for some time. Just be sure the water does not become cold; maintain much more hot water on hand in case your supply gets cool.

3.Tremble and also press the bath towel till most of water has dripped away.

After that pat it on the hair weave. Make certain it’s not too hot, because it might burn your scalp. Check the bath towel of the back side of your hand, if you are not brave enough. If this stings a little, it’s all set. If it is pretty warm, it’s achievable but could possibly be hotter. If it is burning you and also stings a whole lot, let it stay for a short time for this to cool down or punch it around if you would like be quick. If it is cool, place it directly back in the hot water and wait for a while before you try out again.

4.Put a bath  towel on your back to prevent hot water leave on your body and Rub the hot towl  over your braids

5.Get a little hair cream on the hair weaves

6.USse hair dryer and blow-dry your hair until it is no more wet.


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