How to manage your curly hair?

How to manage your curly hair?

In our daily life, there are many different fashions came out,especially the human hair weaves and human hair wigs,and more and more girls are chasing for the beautiful natural looking hair style. According to the date’s show, curly hair is one of the most popular hair styles in the ladies and girls. However, there is also a very serious issue on how to manage or take care of the curly hair. As a experienced hair vendor,we do know many different good methods to deal with the issues on curly hair. So if you want you curly hair to keep a good state,you need to know how to manage it well. Here we’d like to give you some advice on how to manage the curly hair.

1. Clean your hair. When you first get the hair, please co-wash the hair and deep condition the hair with silicone hair shampoo and silicone hair conditioner,then the hair will be very clean and soft to smooth.If you don’t co-wash the hair or deep condition the hair, there may be some dirty things or dusk on the hair pieces, and if you directly wear the hair, you may be allergic to the hair. So it is better to co-wash and deep condition the hair. Please remember,the cleaner,the healthier.

2. Comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. If you use a tight-tooth comb to comb the curly hair, it will be very easy to get shedding . besides, the curls will loose easily and get separated

3. Air dry. After you deep condition the hair,please let the hair air dry, do not dry the hair with a hair dryer. If you use the hair dryer to blow the hair,it will make curly hair more dry

4. Supply nutrition. When the hair is close to dry,please spray some hair treatment lotion with hair oil on the curly hair to make the hair more soft and smooth. As we all know, once the hair is cut from the donor, it will loose its moisture day by day,so it is very important and necessary to supply moisture.

As long as you keep doing these steps on your curly hair, I’m sure you will have less issues with your curly hair. By the way, We usually advise you do this twice a week to protect your hair from getting tangling and shedding. Hope this can help you, and wish you all can enjoy your curly hair.

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