How to Ombre Hair on Peruvian Body Wave Weaves?

How to Ombre Hair on Peruvian Body Wave Weaves?

How to Ombre Hair on Peruvian Body Wave Weaves?Dyeing your weave is definitely an simple, secure method to test out hair colour without damaging your own natural hair. Whether you would like to color your extensions darker, bleach all of them blonde, or even consider using a bright colour such as red or maybe orange, ensure that you make use of clean, virgin hair to get the best results. Choose where you want the color to begin, wear some latex gloves and also open the window, and ten begin dying!


1.Prepare the  Peruvian Body Wave with closure  or you can directly get a Peruvian Body Wave lace front wig from VIPbeauty Hair Store.

2. First of all,Wash your hair with shampoo,and select the hair color you wanna dye.You can choose  lighter shade of brown, or the  shade of red or a shade of blonde.Just choose any hair colour you like.

3.Make a decision on exactly where you would like the fade to end.

4.Comb your hair weaves nicely. Make certain that you will find no tangles left in your hair. This step could make making use of the bleach much easier, it will also provide help to be sure that your hair will probably be evenly colored

2.Bleaching the Peruvian Body Wave Weaves

1.If you wanna  a lighter hair color ,before dying your hair weaves ,you need to bleach the hair extensions. Put on your gloves and Choose an application tool to start bleaching your hair weaves.Make the bleach keep from 10-45 minutes (if you wanna get   a slight change in color, leave the bleach  for only 10-20 minutes.)Then wash out the bleach.

2.Mix color dye and cream developer using  a plastic bowl with an  applicator brush which is clean .


3.Coloring the human hair weaves

1.using your applicator brush to brush the hair dye onto the human  hair weaves .

2.Cover the hair with a plastic wrap and stay  for about 30 minutes.

3.Use Shampoo to Wash out the hair dye using clean water

4.Apply  conditioning treatment on the hair weaves for 15 minutes and Use towel to dry your  human hair extensions

If you don not want to hair dye by yourself ,you can also choose to try VIPbeauty ombre body wave hair 





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