How To Prepare  Natural  Hair Under Short Bob Wigs & Make It Look Natural?

How To Prepare Natural Hair Under Short Bob Wigs & Make It Look Natural?

How To Prepare Natural Hair Under Short Bob Wigs?

1.Make your natural hair a pony

Brushing my Natural hair all the way back to put it into like a really low pointail ,  sometimes you can try to do to low poop like pigtails and then cross them but if you are like really really lazy so you can  just gonna do that.

2.Put your wig on

Take my dome cap and I’m gonna do that so it can like make my points on the back less noticeable, so it kind of comes more restriction on the ponytail .So once I pretty much did that, I’m gonna be taking A wide hair band ,this stuff is really good this helps that my legs dude not slide off.

3.Use Hair Clip to get all the baby hair out of the way.

I changed from the yellow bottle of the gossipy glue to the black bottle.I saw videos on it and it’s true the clear glue is better ,you don’t see any like white residue any of
that it’s like so seamless.And you guys will see in a second so I’m just plopping that baby on there on the edges. I’m really not trying to get it on my hair, because I love my edges and I’m not about to start losing my edges , so I’m just using a blow dryer.And I’m gonna dry it too it’s a little tacky and then I’m gonna lightly pull it down make sure that the little baby hairs don’t get as much glue on it.Because it’s gonna have some glue you can’t stop that so again I’m just pretty much putting it down and with a rat to comb I’m like poking it in there so it stays in place I guess I didn’t blow dry it enough so I’m gonna say the blow dryer afterwards Wally’s plopped on there and blow dry over and it helped laid the front so like like nothing I tried being like very detailed to show like chopping out a lot of the stuff but it was pretty much what I do to all my ways is literally this I don’t change it.

4.This is it the only difference maybe is if I have a closure.

I don’t really glue it down,because there’s no need to be doing all that but if it’s a phone so you got a little glue,it down you don’t want no flaps flapping around like you’re Dumbo or something, you can’t do that so I do glue it down when it’s a friend’s home. So here I am just like pretty much taking the blow-dryer Reed blowing it you know thing ,so now I’m taking alcohol to just rub off a couple of the pieces because some of the Google got on there like the baby hairs and it’s turned hard and stiff and it looks like little sticks .So I’m taking the alcohol to kind of rub off that glue so it can be very like ,so now I am just you know kind of estimating brushing it kind of in the direction that I wanted to be and also combing it through to see which parts have glue and which don’t,so I can go back at it with the sometimes when you like glue down my frontal they’re not it’s not all gonna cool, like you put it all down and glue it it’s not gonna stay there’s gonna be some pieces and you’re gonna have to like show a little more than the line here and that’s okay so that’s what I’m doing with this little piece right.

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