How to Properly Apply Bob Wigs For Black Women?

How to Properly Apply Bob Wigs For Black Women?

Bob Wigs are fun, and sometimes might be necessary for you. Whether you just need a  wig or just only want to change  up your hairstyle,Straight bob wig could be a nice choice. Here ,we will show you   some easy ways to follow ,in this way you can  make your bob wig look  natural.

1.Choose the wig type you want and Prepare the bob wig.

There are lots of wig types you cam short straight bob wig, or Body wave  bob hair.Just choose any hair type you want.

Before you take action to apply the bob wig, you woulbe better to make sure the wig hairs will nott get caught in the glue or  tape you use. In order not to make this mistake,You can choose to pull all of the bob wig hair into a ponytail. Ohter way, if the bob wig hair is  a littele short , you can clip back the hair to the edge closely.
If you are applying  a full or a half lace bob wig, do not forget to cut the extra lace to match your natural hairline. And please rememer  do not cut too much off,as this will disrupt the natural hairline of the bob wig. Leave a little bit on the edge so it can be glued to your head in a natural looking way.

2.Wear the wig .

Use your finger to Hold  the area of the bob wig that will be  the center of your forehead. Put the bog wig over your head gently and lay it down on your scalp  . After finish this,  pull the rest of the bob  wig over your head. Make sure  that you keep the side away from the adhesive as far as possible so it will not be  stick before you are ready.

3.Make  the wig Secure

No matter what type of wigs you used, it is necessary for you  to secure the wig to your head. Once you have your wig where you want it, use a fine  comb to  slick  down the front edges of your bob wig gently. If you’re applying a lace wig, make sure the lace areas are smooth against your head, thats way you can make a natural hairline. wait 15 minutes  Once the front half of your wig is secure, you need this 15 minutes for the fronta to set. Then just follow the same steps as the front on your back part. Wait 15 minutes or even more  before you style to make sure that  the bob wig is secure.

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