How To Quick-weave Lace Frontal Glue Gun Bob Wig ?

How To Quick-weave Lace Frontal Glue Gun Bob Wig ?

Show You How I made my very first lace from  a quick weave wig and I’m going to show you guys what all I did to construct the wig so if you’re interested in seeing everything that I did ,please stay tuned.

Things you will Need:

1.VIPbeauty Malaysian straight hair 3 bundles with Lace  freontal

2.powder bleach and 30 volume developer

How To Quick-weave Lace Frontal Glue Gun Bob Wig ?

1.Get the straight hair bundles

The hair I’ll be using is  VIPbeauty Malaysian straight hair ,I am using a 16 inch lace front tool as you know lace frontal skull from ear to ear, this is a 13 inch long and four inch wide frontal ,also using three bundles of Malaysia straight hair in the length 12 14 and 16 inches.

2.Prepare owder bleach and 30 volume developer

To start I’m going to use powder bleach and 30 volume developer to bleach the knots on the frontal and I’m going to focus mainly on the hairline of the frontals, although I am going to put the bleaching cream all over the frontal I am focusing mainly on the hairline.

3.Bleaching before plucking

After letting the bleach process for roughly ten minutes, I’m going to select the frontal hairline and bleaching before plucking really does help get the hairs out a lot easier, so I like to bleach before I pluck the hairline.

4.Use Black Tea to make hair line natural

And after I’ve done ,so I’m going to dip the frontal into some hot black tea to tint the front to get that brassiness out of the front tooth leaves, and then I’m going to rinse the hair and you’ll see here that the hairline is what was bleached and tinted and everything like that.

5.Sew the lace frontal onto the wig cap

Now what I’m going to do is I want to take my wig cap and I’m going to sew the frontal onto the wig cap.Of course you got to pin it down and make sure that is on there securely ,and I’m going to pin the front along to the wig cap so that it stays in place while I sew it down.


I do not recommend using the plastic bags so I’m using my glue gun and my glue gun sticks to construct this way

Hope this way can  help you construct your quick weave unit. I do prefer doing this method when it comes down to constructing my wigs down because it’s super flies it’s very easy and although it’s not sewn in, it does last for quite some time . You can wash your wigs of course now if the hair weft  gets to loosen ,you can always just gule it back .So far I haven’t had an issue with this unit coming loose or anything like that.

7.Style the bob hair

When I did to get my cut I use my Remington trimmer and I just basically cut the shape that I wanted and I ended up with a very long bob look like this which was nice.

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