How to Revive Human Hair Wigs?

How to Revive Human Hair Wigs?

Human Hair Wigs typically last longer than synthetic wig,and look & feel more natural. They have varities of  hair colors,  and also different hair styles.And there is no doubt that using the human hair wig could be a great way to change your style, no matter  you wear it everyday or just for important occasions.But If your wig becomes tangled or frizzy,you do not need to hurry to  throw it away — you might still be able to take it back to  the  original condition.In this hair blog,we will show you some good ways  on How to Revive Human Hair Wigs,that way you could wear human  wig which is your favorite  again  .

Things you will need:

1.3 bowls

2.Clorox bleach

3. clarifying shampoo


5.human hair wig

How to:

1.Fill three bowls with 1 gallon of hot water each.Add  Clorox bleach 57 g   to the first bowl. Submerge your wig in the bleach bowl and gently comb it for about 3 minutes. Then add  clarifying shampoo 57g to the second bowl and move the human wig to the second bowl.Place the wig in the 3rd bowl and add  57 g  ammonia.

2.Rinse the wig thoroughly with hot water in the sink.

3.Saturate the wig with hair conditioner while it is still wet.

4.Place the human wig inside a plastic bag and microwave it for about  30 seconds.

5.Let the wig sit in the plastic bag for at least one hour.

6.Comb the wig with a wide-tooth comb .

7.Put the human wig on a wig head and Let the wig air-dry.


1.Shampoo and condition your human hair wig regularly when it is in use.

2.Store your wig on a wig head not the closet to prevent tangling.

3.Divide the hair into three or four ponytails to keep it in place when it is not in use.

4.Place the human hair wig inside a satin bag to protect it from dryness.

5.You can Use a flat iron for a quick fix when your wig gets frizzy or tangled.

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