How To Sew In The Human Hair Wefts?

How To Sew In The Human Hair Wefts?

How To Sew In The Human Hair Wefts?Let’s see how it works.

1.Make use of the curled needle in order to add a weft to an side cornrow.

Contain the end of the hair weft on the left side of the nape. Draw the actual needle with the weft and also cornrow, and away over the top edge of the cornrow. Use the needle straight down over the weft or over through the cornrow.

2.Continue sewing unless you achieve the most notable of the right ear.

Maintain tacking as well as sewing the weft towards the cornrow for the side of your hairline. If you discover that you have nothing to sew in, sew right on to the netted cover instead. Maintain your stitches small—about exactly the same width as every stitch in your cornrow.

3.Collapse the actual weft towards remaining and also continue sewing.

When you achieve the top of the right ear, fold the actual human hair weft back again towards left-hand side. Keep on sewing over the back of the head near the top of your left ear. Knots the line and also reduce the surplus off.

4.Keep on sewing the human hair weft for your braids back-and-forth throughout your head.

Maintain folding the human hair wefts back again on itself as well as whipstitching this in your cornrows along with netting. Work the right path in a zigzag in one side of the head to another before you get to the edge of the lace netting. Sew straight down the actual weft with a few stitching in the same position in order to secure it, after that cut the remainder off.

Sew your own final hair weft over the edge of the lace closure.

Once you have completed stitching your own lace closure, you will still have the actual 0.5 inch (A single.three cm) broad coming up visible. Reduce the human hair weft lengthy enough in order to contour with this seam, and also sew it down utilizing the exact same method since before. Sew the actual weft straight on to the coming up, near to the laced hair as possible.

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