How To Simple Long Straight Hairstyle? Rihanna New Hairstyle Inspired

How To Simple Long Straight Hairstyle? Rihanna New Hairstyle Inspired

Rihanna always be my favorite queen.And she is always leading the fashion.Here we will show you one simple Long Straight Hairstyle Rihanna New Hairstyle Inspired.


Things you will need:

Smoothing Shine


Hair Moisturizer

How To Simple Long Straight Hairstyle? Rihanna New Hairstyle Inspired

1.Use Moisturizer

Use a small amount of hair moisturizer on the palm  of your hands and also disperse it equally through the mid-lengths and also the ends. Moisturizer can help hair to keep good shape as well as safeguard your strands from heat when you style.

2 . Make use of a Straightening Iron
While styling your hair, 1st ensure that your hair is totally dry. After that, section your hair away beginning with the back/nape by using a hair comb. Straighten hair beginning with the actual roots and also working the right path right down to the actual ends making use of your comb as the guide. Ensure not to keep the Straightening iron in one place over Three seconds.

3. Use Lacquer
Lacquer is ideal for powerful keep. A small amount is that’s needed to complete and really should be used from your arms length range for the whole style.

4. Use Smoothing Shine
Use an extremely small amount of smoothing shine on the palms of your hands and after that operate it through the mid-lengths and also ends of your tresses. Take care not to include any kind of to the roots or even a large amount to any area of the hair because smoothing shine can be quite heavy on the hair, with a weight it straight down and also rendering it show up greasy.

5. Blow-dry By using a Paddle Brush
Getting work done in sections beginning with the rear, place the paddle brush near to the roots and also pull it through the strands gradually, making sure you do not overheat your hair. As soon as dry, continue to a new area, finishing the back, the perimeters and after that the top area and finally all.

6. Component left

Utilizing the corner of the hair comb and also standing in top of a mirror discover the middle of your left eye and after that pull the hair comb upright gradually unless you achieve your hairline and after that carry on back in a straight way to attain an even left part. A side part is ideal for longer face shapes as it produces the illusion of width.

8. Pin your hair Half Up

Get 1 section of hair in one side and also secure this at the back of your head using a pin. Do it again on the other side in order to create this particular hairstyle.

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