How to Straighten Bob Wig Human Hair?

How to Straighten Bob Wig Human Hair?

Before you put your bob wig on,you need to style your human wig.Today we are going to tell How to Straighten Bob Wig Human Hair?

Things you will need:

Wig Head

Hiar Clip

flat iron

Bob wig

How to :

1.Put bob wig on the wig head and Preheat your flat iron.

The temperature setting depends on you (a normal temperature range for the flat iron is between 350 to 370 degrees.)
Preheat your flat iron while you strat to do the following steps.

2.Make sure that your hair is dry.

While the bob hair is  wet,You should not try to straighten it . If your hair is not  dry, you can use your towel or airdry  it.

3.Use a hair clip to Secure the top two-thirds of the bob wig hair  .

Use a hair clip  to hold sections of bob wig hair out of the way while you work.

4.Use your finger to Separate a 1-inch section of the bob wig human hair .

In order to make the flat iron  move cleanly over the section of hair, clean away any stray hairs or tangles before you start the straighten work.

5.Straighten Every  hair section.

Clamp the flat iron over the section of hair at hair roots and gently drag the flat iron all the way down to your ends.This should be done in one fluid motion without stopping.

6.Repeat straightening hair sections.

Remember to spray heat protectant product if you  need.

7.Clip  the top third of bob hair.

Clip the top third of your hair out of the way to straighten the middle layer of the bob human hair.

8.Straighten 1-inch hair sections that  around the middle layer.

Just Work  as you did before, separate hair into small sections of hair and  straighten it with   flat iron.

9.Loose the top third of Bob wig hair and straighten the small sections you made.

Remove the clip  from the top third of your hair. Use a comb to Part it where you would like .

10.Finish with hairspray, if desired.

If you would loveto get some  extra holding power, you can use hairspray to help in maintaining straight bob hair longer.

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