How to style a straight hair?

How to style a straight hair?

As a fashion girl,I have long straight hair. I usually go for different type of hair braids for work since braids tie all my hair in place and I don’t have to worry about my hairstyles falling all over my face. However for some casual occasions and parties, I will make different hairstyles that do not require me to tie all of hair.

If you are looking for different hairstyles for a straight hair, then here is the right place. I have many different hairstyles for you to choose.

1.Braids – There are many different ways to braid straight hair. But the usual hairstyles I go with are:
1)Regular braids(I know! So boring they are. But gives a perfect nerdy look.I like them!)
2)Twisted braids
3)The French braid
4)Fish braid. The fishtail braid is very much trending among Bollywood beauties.

5)4 or 5 strand braids.
6)Waterfall (Technically, it’s a braid type but well! The hair remain open).
7)Rope Braid

8)Five Strand Braid
9)Knotted Braid
If you don’t want the braids fall down straightly,you can also style by converting these braids to buns.

2. Half updo:

You can just divide your hair into two half parts (one section up and the other one down) and go nuts with it.

The upper half can be tied into a ponytail or braided or can be made into a bun.

3. Ponytails:

The most common of these is wrapping around the band with a strand of hair.

Wrapped from both sides

4. Highlights

The highlights look super cool of straight hair and just let you carry them the way they are . Of course,they need their own care.

5. Let them free

There are so many different hair styles for straight hair,do you get them? So which one style is your favorite?

If you choose to do any hairstyle ,it will take a little practice to get the perfect look. Before doing it on yourself, you can try doing it on someone maybe a friend or someone.

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