How To Style Your Natural Hair Before Sew in?

How To Style Your Natural Hair Before Sew in?

Girls love beauty,so girls sometimes need to change their hair style in instant.So they may  may be wearing the human hair wefts as well as lace closure  some time, therefore master How To Style Your Natural Hair Before Sew in is quite an important skill,I should say.

1.Begin with thoroughly clean, freshly-washed hair.

You may be wearing the human hair wefts as well as lace closure in your hair for some time, therefore ensure that your hair and also scalp are usually clean and also freshly-washed. It will be best to use some kind of clarifying hair shampoo. Make sure to use conditioner also to moisturize hair afterwards. Ensure that your hair is actually dried out before moving forward.
You can utilize your own regular cornrowing hair items, you can also utilize something natural, like shea butter and also olive oil.

2.Cornrow your tresses.

Part hair where you want your last style to get parted. Make use of your favorite technique to Cornrow your hair , ensuring that every braid comes out of the part. Maintain your braids tiny, and ensure you have the cornrow braid all of your hairline (particularly the front of the hair ).Often the braids have to be small to keep your base is flat. Possessing a flat base assists the entire appear of the sew-in and also closure, so that it will look more natural.
For those who have long braids at the end of cornrows, take all of them back alongside your head and also you can pin or perhaps sew these to the actual surrounding cornrows.
Great options with regard to cornrow patterns to make use of straight to the back cornrows or perhaps a beehive design, however, you are able to use what ever style you like.

3.Put a square of weaving hair net on your head.

This kind of netting seems a bit like tulle, only that it is much thicker. Attempt to match up the colour of the netting to your hair color. Black is useful for most people, but if you have lighter hair, dark brown might also work for you. You could find this in beauty supply .
The square has to be large enough to cover all of your hair, from hairline-to-hairline. The actual sizes of the square depends on how big your head is.
A hair net is usually optional. You might want to utilize it if your hair is actually thin and also you want to be capable to sew in as many hair wefts as you want.

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