How to Super Easy Bun Curls Hairstyle for Black Girls?

How to Super Easy Bun Curls Hairstyle for Black Girls?

Things you need :

Old socks
Spry Water Bottele with Water
You only need these things t oget uper Easy Bun Curls Hairstyle.Let’s start!

How to get bun curls:

1.Find a sock you do not need anymore .

Just apply an old sock that you do not need any more,Cut off the end of  the  sock you want to use .Keep Rolling it  untill it looks like a hair tie.

2.Spray  water.

Spray water to your  natural or the human wig you made you wanna change their their curl partern. This way will help curling your hair well .

3.Make your hair  into a high pony .

Keep your ponytail rolling  through the sock.

4.Smooth your hair over the sock.

Start at the tip of your ponytail, and tuck the ends underneath as you go. Repeat this step as you slowly roll your hair over the sock.

5.Make the bun at the base of your ponytail feel tough.

You could  use some hair pins to secure the ponytail you made.

6.Let your hair dry.

I fyou choose to made this in your natural,You can sleep with it ,if you apply this to the wigs you made, you can use hair head to let it dry .

7.Put your hair down.

 When you Put your hair out of the old sock you used, your hair become   curly. Just use water bottle to Spray to hold  hair curls.

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