How to Untangle a Human Wig

How to Untangle a Human Wig

No matter  you wear wigs for specially occissions or important event ,or wear a human hair wig in your everyday life, you may meet some tangles of your human hair wig. But you Don’t deen to  throw the tangled human wig like a  trash. Just use some  products  that are not  expensive and some of your patience, that way you could  take the tangled wig back to life. Just spend some time to prepare, use comb to comb out the human hair wig you bought , and leave it for some time to dry ,then you can see   your human wig now  looking like a new  one.

1.Get Your human Wig and Prepare the Conditioner You use

1.Prepare what you need .

This way on How to Untangle a Human Wig has one advantage , that is  all  the things you need are very simple to find and they are not   expensive. All you  need is just  a comb you always use, and a water spray bottle with water, also your  conditioner. Using a wig head would  be very  helpful, but it’s not the most important.

2.Mount the human lace wig.

Put the human lace wig  on the  wig head you prepared. If it is possible for you , using a tall object will  make it easy for you to work on  untangle the human wig, especially will be very  helpful if the wig   is very long.

3.Prepare  hair conditioner you need to use.

Fill your spray bottlewith water  about the  ¾ of the bottle . Then add  the conditioner to fill up the water bottle  . Aiming at water 3 parts  to conditioner 1 part .Then  Shake and  the mix them together well.

2.Comb Out The human lace Wig

1.Make  your human lace wig wet.

If your wig is  already really damaged, you may need to give the wig some  warm water wet. I  order To do this, put  your wig in a sink with warm water, and then let it  stay there for about 10 to 15 minutes. Be Careful  to put water from your wig,after finishing this way,return the wig to the wig head.


2.Wet and comb  

When you finished combed  the bottom 3-5 inches of the wig ,style the next 3-5 inches  with hair  conditioner and water mixture, and keep combing. Until the whole HUMAN wig has been combed OVER,Continue doing this process . 

3.Styling Your Wig and Letting it Dry

1. style your lace wig and Comb the bangs .

If your wig has some  bangs, you can use a fine-tooth comb to untangle thesebangs , and style  them following the way that you want them to stay .  the wig is  wet, be careful to take the hair into the right position and the style you want them to stay.

2.Give the entire wig a final spritz with water.

especially when  your wig is a human hair wig, and  If you applied  a bit of conditioner , you would like to  use clean water give to give the human wig a final spritz .

3.Let your wig dry outside

 Leave your wig on the wig head and let the wig  dry for several hours .  Do not forget to gentelly  comb-through the human  wig every 30 minutes. Wait until your wig completely dry.
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